Womens Hair Color Specials, Prices & Info

328 E 800 S, Orem


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Womens Hair Color Prices

Womens Hair Color $70-$130
Add Cut to Color $25-$30
New Growth Retouch $70-$75
Hair Color Correction By Consult
Color Consultations Free
Eyebrow Tint $25

Partial Hair Highlights

Cap Highlights $75-$85
Mohawk Highlight $75-$95
Partial Highlight $85-$120
Partial Highlight & Lowlight $85-$120
Color and Partial Highlight $100-$130
Partial Highlight New Growth $75-$85
Single Foil/Process $25-$35
Additional Foils s $10 ea

Full Highlights & Color Melts

Full Highlight $100-$130
Full Highlight & Lowlight $110-$130
Color and Full Highlight $110-$150
Full Highlight New Growth $85-$95
Balayage, Color Melt, Ombre $120-$165

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